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Shanghai Zeilo electronics Co.,Ltd has focused on top quality air purifier products for over 15 years in China.We started as a trading Company, but now we have our own factory. now have become one of the leading suppliers in car & room & personal portable air purifier business in China.
Today, Shanghai Zeilo electronics Co.,Ltd has been one of the top producers of high air purifier products, such as: car air purifier, room air purifier, personal air purifier, air cleaner and air fresher, ozone air sterilizer…


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Air Purifier

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An air purifier is a product that can adsorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, bacteria, etc.) to effectively improve air cleanliness. The air purifier we provide is an air purification device designed to purify PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.), odors, bacteria and viruses in the car. Its working principle is as follows: the micro-fan inside the machine circulates the air inside the car, and the polluted air passes through the PM2.5 filter and the activated carbon filter in the machine to filter or adsorb various pollutants, and then passes through the air
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Car Air Purifier

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The car air purifier is usually composed of a high-voltage generating circuit negative ion generator, a micro fan, an air filter and the like, and is a device dedicated to purifying the air inside the car. The car air purifier has multiple purification functions: negative ion + super activated carbon. It can effectively purify every part of the car, can effectively kill harmful bacteria and bacteria in the air, remove dust, smoke and odor, completely eliminate the pollutants inside the car, and provide the passengers with the purest breathing experience. Our car air purifiers are designed with intimate air touch, and the buttons are simple
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Home Air Purifier

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Home air purifiers are mainly used to remove indoor air pollutants and effectively improve air cleanliness. Air purifiers are usually composed of high voltage circuits, negative ion generators, fans, air filters, and the like. The hme air purifier adopts an advanced automatic intelligent detection system to perform an all-round inspection of the air environment. Our home air purifiers have the following main functions: 1. Negative ion function; keep the air fresh and pure 2. Ozone disinfection function; eliminate bacteria in the air, maintain a clean environment 3. PM2.5 filter detection function; at the same time, the air purification ef
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Personal Air Purifier

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The personal air purifier is a purifier with a safe shape, comprehensive functions, high efficiency filtration, quiet and low noise, and wide purification. Our personal air purifiers are easy to carry, so you can enjoy fresh air anytime, anywhere. The air purifier has a static eliminator that releases the ions in the air, effectively forcing bacteria, allergens, and dust to become inactive. The low-noise design, even in the middle of the night, the ultra-low running sound of the purifier will not disturb the rest of the adults and children. Personal air purifiers do not need to purchase additional transformers, plug and play, support USB, ca
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    A necklace that can breathe,
    ● Fully charged in 2.5h
    ● work 24H after full-charge
    ● USB charging
    ● metallic finish
    ● 29g of weight
    ● Remove secondhand smoke

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    ● Reduce PM2.5
    ● Remove formaldehyde and benzene
    ● Remove odors and sterilize,
    ● Intelligent purification
    ● Fast charging
    ● Long standby time

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    ● Remove the smoke and dust
    ● Ultra-silence
    ● Remove odors
    ● Plug and play
    ● Sterilization
    ● Fresh driving